Assignment 5: Midterm Week

Assignment 5: Midterm Week

This week is the busiest week before spring break, lots of students are preparing for their midterm exams and project, so I decided to shoot the night of a busy midterm week in the library to explore what everyone is doing. Also, the library is different with other days because of the tents set up on both the first and the second floor. These tents are set to call for the protection of Indian culture. In the last scene, you can even see people lying in the pink tent.


In the second scene, it was shot on the stairs between the first and the second floor. You can see the portrait of Indian tribal leaders, which attracts people to read the instruction below the paintings.


I shot with the Nikon key mission, the process went smoothly. There were no stitching problems which is better than GoPro Omni or Samsung do, but the picture quality is unsatisfactory.


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