Assignment 2 – Ryan Kehr

Assignment 2 – Ryan Kehr

The Scene

The scene will start in a kitchen where I will be preparing food for a Super Bowl party. I will have the help of my sous chefs to complete the cooking process for the party. the scene will then switch to a living room. In this living room will be a bunch of people who are watching the Eagles vs Patriots in the Super Bowl. We will show some big plays that happened during the game including touchdowns, controversial plays, and missed opportunities. We will also be showing the halftime show performed by Justin Timberlake and the reactions of the viewers.


Indoor Lighting


We hope that the 360 experience will give the viewer a look at all the different reaction of the fans watching the game. There were fans of both teams at the party and the viewer has the chance to see the reactions of both teams fans.

Story Discovery

The story in our video is the making of having a Super Bowl party but also the reactions of the fans to not only the game but also to the halftime performance and the commercials. The Super Bowl is a huge pop culture event that basically has its own calendar day. Most of the world watches and reacts in so many different ways according to their likes and dislikes.

Where is my head?

My head is in the video since I am doing most of the cooking for the party. I am also a fan of football so I will be watching the game and reacting to the team that I want to win.


The camera was in the middle of the room with a bunch of people in it. So we had to make each guest aware of how expensive this piece of equipment is and to please be careful around it.

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