Assignment 2: Kyle Desiderio

Assignment 2: Kyle Desiderio

Our group’s idea was to record a traditional college Super Bowl party, from start to finish.  The Super Bowl has always been an classic “American” holiday, and we felt we could tell a compelling story from the event.  We started out in the kitchen, where Ryan (our cook) would run around the kitchen getting the necessary ingredients to make his Super Bowl meal; chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, etc.  We placed the camera at normal-height level in the middle of the kitchen, so the viewer could see Ryan running around the room getting the necessary ingredients.  After that, we move to the living room (this time at sitting level).   In this case, the camera is placed right in between the viewers and the T.V., so the “head” is right in the middle of all the action.  We tried to film only during more important moments, so viewers can turn to see what’s on the television, and then around to see everybody’s reaction.  In this view, the camera was completely surrounded by things to look at, so there was never any wasted space in the 360 degree view.


Given the equipment and the fact that the rooms were already fairly well lit, we didn’t feel the need for additional lighting, so we’re going with normal indoor lighting.  Also, since our camera already has 4 audio channels, we didn’t feel the need for an additional Tascam for audio, but we can see how the audio turned out in post next class.  Ultimately, we want the viewer to be immersed in this Super Bowl party, from start to finish, and experience the highs and lows of the other fans around them first-hand.  As a result, we tried in every occasion to place the camera in a way where they feel a part of the crowd, not just a spectator.  So, when the other subjects are standing, the camera is at standing level and when they are sitting, the camera is lower as well. Additionally, since we were all watching the Super Bowl together, Ryan and I were subjects in the recording (along with all the other fans).

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