Assignment 2 – Brian Shantz

Assignment 2 – Brian Shantz

Our idea for this project was to film an SU Track and Field Practice in 360 degrees. We will place the camera in several locations, including center field, the tracks starting line, finish line, and 50 yard line to capture a variety of races/drills for the viewer to experience.




  • Indoor track in Manley Field House




  • Indoor lighting



  • Ambient audio with possible music track



  • What specific experience do you hope to give to someone else?
    • To see what a SU track practice is like and to put them on the field with the athletes
  • What specifically is compelling about that experience?
    • Those experience this will be able to see how D1 athletes train and be right there with them
  • Why is this an experience that everyone should have?
    • If they are interested in sports/athletics this would be an interesting experience for them
  • How do you think it will feel for someone else to be in this particular place and time?
    • Immersive, hopefully
  • Can you think of any reasons (for example, past trauma) why some people may want to avoid this particular type of experience?
    • No


  • Who is the subject or protagonist in this particular story, whether non-fiction or fiction? Describe this person or entity. If there is no human subject, describe the topic that you’re exploring.
    • The athletes as they are running around the track/practicing/doing drills
  • What problem is the subject trying to solve? Or if no problem exists, what moves the story forward?
    • The story will move forward as the practice progresses
  • What audiovisual anchors either exist, or can you ethically place, to direct the experiencer’s attention toward the most important aspects of the story as it emerges?
    • Possible music track, or possible narrator explaining what the athletes are doing at any give time
  • Why do you think it's important that other people have this experience?
    • To see how college/SU athletes train


  • Where does it make the most sense to put someone in this particular place in order for them to have the most impactful experience for the story you hope they discover?
    • Center of the turf field inside of track, at the starting line of a race, at the finish line, and also at the 50 yard line at the side of the track
  • Is the experiencer standing, sitting, crouching, lying down, or something else? Where are they in this scene, and what should they think they are doing in it?
    • The camera will be at eye level to simulate standing on/near the track
  • Based on that, where should you position the 360 rig, and logistically how will you secure it in that place?
    • The rig will be held in place with a tripod
  • Is there a reason for you or some other subject to be in the scene — like Virgil served as a guide in Dante’s Inferno?
    • No


Don’t put yourself or equipment at risk! Think about these things:

  • What can you reasonably do to stay out of the shot while keeping yourself and equipment safe?
    • Place the equipment out of the way of athletes so as not to interfere with their practice or place the equipment in any damger of breaking/being knocked over
  • If you hide somewhere, how will you make sure someone doesn’t pick up the equipment and steal it?
    • They will be student athletes in the presence of coaching staff, who we will clear the project with first
  • Is this particular location a place that you think could look suspicious if you place the camera, push some buttons that cause lights to flash, then quickly leave and hide behind a pillar while glancing at the camera while pretending like you aren’t doing that?
    • Unsure


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