Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch

Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch

A day with the CNY Storm, a group of competitive cheerleaders from CNY. The video would take place in the gym where they practice. It would be indoor lighting. The audio from the rehearsal would add realness to the experience. Their rehearsals are very interesting to watch, the girls do very pirouettes and jumps that are visually appealing. I believe that it would be a good experience for most people.

The subject of the video would be the girls practicing. What moves the story forward is them trying to perfect their moves. The experience would allow the recipients to understand the hard work is behind this sport.

I believe the camera should be in the benches o by the mats. Standing to get a better perspective. It could place on a tripod.

To stay safe, it would be reasonable not to get too close to the area where they practice.

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