Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch

Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch

I truly had lots of ideas for both 36o videos and computer generated scenes made in unity. However, they're either too much of a scale to be made for a short film, or they're currently beyond my ability to realize them (but I'll work on that someday later). After spending probably two hours on Youtube and the hall of fame here, I think I made up my mind, for now.

My idea is to generate an immersive room escape experience short clip. Maybe with a little off screen narrative. I haven't really worked on the plot or storyline yet but the general idea is that the protagonist/viewer is at sitting level and stuck in a room which is just small enough for the camera to capture detail with good quality and give the viewer something to explore. There wouldn't be much of a movement but I like the hotspots I saw on the Google Cardboard app's demo where you're there in Paris and walking around the Eiffel Tower. I want apply the hotspots to the room escape for the viewer to trigger different plots. I want the short film to have different endings/results as different viewers might make different choices or use different clues given in the scene. I would imagine there's no windows in the entering scene. So the lighting should be indoor lighting without giving out what time is it outside.

I really enjoy multiple storylines happening at the same time and it is for the viewer to decide what to happen next. Viewer is part of the story. I want the viewer to engage/explore in the story and figure it out on their own.


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