Assignment 1- VR Experience- Tania Joseph

Assignment 1- VR Experience- Tania Joseph

Virtual Reality is a different way to tell compelling stories and allow people to experience nearly anything. I love how through VR we are able to experience cultures and places. I've always seen VR gear commercials but never had the opportunity to experience it for myself. My first VR experience was Project Syria by Nonny de la Pena.  It was a very powerful piece and hearing the gunshot then seeing the aftermath was an unexplainable feeling. I really like how Nonny shed light on an issue incorporating journalism into VR.  This piece illustrates the importance of VR. Virtual reality helps educate, entertain, and evoke emotions from the viewer. I experienced Project Syria using the HTC Vive and the video and audio quality was amazing. I really felt like I was a part of the story and was fully immersed into the setting. I was amazed at the quality of the video and the ability of the gear to alert the user of when they're stepping outside of the boundary/ going to walk into something in the surrounding area.

I also played Fruit Ninja on the HTC Vive and my classmates and I were BLOWN AWAY!  It was so much fun watching my peers immerse into the technology and game. "Make sure you don’t throw the hand controller, " said Professor Pacheco as a student played fruit ninja. It was interesting seeing each person’s reaction/ VR experience.


"Woahhh. This is so cool" and similar phrases were said during the VR experience of other students using the Oculus. Britt was in awe as she was able to interact with a robot and follow different commands by using the controllers. It was amazing to see how by performing a simple function like pressing a button a series of events can take place.

Google Cardboard:

I like the Google Cardboard because it is portable and you don't have to do much. The Google cardboard allows us to take the experience on the go and is wireless unlike the Oculus and HTC Vive. I think that if the Oculus and HTC Vive was wireless this would enhance the VR experience because the user wouldn’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires.

Overall this was an amazing experience that can change depending on the gear being used. When looking at the Van Gogh VR on the Samsung Gear VR some of my classmates and I experienced nausea. The dizziness can come from tracking and motion. I didn’t experience this when using the HTC Vive because it has more motion detection. I can’t wait to contribute content to the VR community.



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