2/14/2017 Lecture Notes: Nadir patches and more

2/14/2017 Lecture Notes: Nadir patches and more

5:15-5:30: Housekeeping

5:30-5:45: Nadir patch

  • Create a PNG with a transparent background. Can be created in Photoshop or Illustrator. Here's an Adobe Illustrator template.
  • From Illustrator, choose File > Export As > PNG. On the confirmation page, make sure the background around the circle appears transparent (it should have white and gray checkerboard marks).
  • Avoid pixellation in the text by exporting at 300 pixels per inch.
  • Drag the nadir into your scene and make it appear across all the parts where you want it to.
  • Add the Plane to Sphere effect under Immersive Video to the nadir.
  • In the effects panel, change the X axis to 90 degrees. The Nadir should flatten out at the bottom of the image. in VR mode you will see it as a circle underneath.

5:45-6: Create a Nadir patch

  • Create a Nadir with your team and add it to some footage you have shot, or use sample footage from the class hard drive.
  • Add a Nadir patch to footage and export a section. Upload into YouTube and view in Cardboard.

6-6:45: Preview of Unity

Since we delve into Unity next week, I'll give a short preview of how Unity works and you can follow along if you like.

6:45-8: Work with your team

  • Work with your team editing or shooting video.

Optional in the lab:

  • Troubleshooting with teams having issues with syncing.
  • I'll load up the Oculus Quill app for those who want to try out the new animation tools.


I'm the lead professor for the VR Storytelling class and the Chair of Journalism Innovation at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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