Shiyi Liu – Independent Learning Requirement

Shiyi Liu – Independent Learning Requirement

I took a course of Unity 3D:Essential Training: Introducing Unity Scripting. on

The reason I chose this course is that I failed to add sound in one of my assignment in this semester at the beginning. As an advertising major student, I never learned Unity or any scripting language before. It is a totally unknown field to me. Although it appeared to be hard to understand, I feel excited to study more about it.

In the video, the teacher shows us how to add light, texture, multiple views, and effects like smoke and fire to each scene and employ reusable assets. The end result is a sample game with a lush environment, fully animated characters, and some basic interactive gameplay.

After I watched the video, I tried to use java to embed sounds on my box asset. When I made it work, I found it was actually quite interesting.

Overall, it is a fun way to learn something I never touched before. I will try to learn more in the future because it is useful for me to gain a new skill.

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