Photogrammetry (Using Google Maps/PhotoScanPro)

Photogrammetry (Using Google Maps/PhotoScanPro)

In many ways, this was the most exciting project for this class. It was certainly the most challenging.

While my aims were higher early on, my accomplishments here feel fairly precipitous, given my previous experience. I managed to convert nearly 1200 photos (later 600, after an export took over 40 hours, then crashed) into a 3D model of Clinton Square.

It was far from perfect. But it is mine. (And Google Maps. Thanks, all.) The model is viable to run on the HTC Vive. When I tried to put it on the computer, the lab was closed, so I couldn't manage it, but the result, just within Unity, is pretty thrilling to behold.

Going forward, I want to determine how to best edit/manage organic shapes in a 3D model. Without close-up shapes, they are deformed and distracting. I also would like to integrate texture mapping from the 3D models into Unity and VR experiences. It makes the model look vastly more lifelike, but couldn't be done with the experience I had.

I now recognize the spirit of the class after working on this project. Both entrepreneurial and indomitable, it was a wonderful fear of failure that drove me to do my best. Here's to the next one.

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