Photogrammetry Attempt

Photogrammetry Attempt

This was one of the most curious things I have ever done. In this blog post I will lay out the step by step I went through to try and get a good model but eventually have to settle for something less.

  1. First, when I attempted to create a 3d image, I chose an object that I guess was too shiney. It was processed into a gross white blob that did not resemble the object at all. I was certain that I chose a piece that would work but probably due to halogen lighting and the slight matte silver paint, it did not translate well to the final product.
  2. Next, I decided on an object that was less shiny and less bulbous. It was an action figure that I had purchased a while ago in a comic book shop from across my office that I was working in over the summer. It was definitely an impulse purchase but I regret nothing 🙂
  3. I took about 60 photographs (not my decision, the app cuts you off at 60) and began to convert it into preview mode.
  4. In the preview, it was really smooth. There was a large shape on his waist that was obviously the camera compensating for the distance between the arms and his torso. The negative space in between caused that problem to happen. I am curious though if I was able to get under the object would the app eliminate that space. In the preview, he did have a head.
  5. The upload took a long time. Almost 45 minutes just to upload a high-resolution image of this toy. I was disappointed and confused to discover that he did not end up with a head. I will most certainly be trying out other objects. Solid objects that don't have creases and crevices.


Here is a link to an image of the actual clone captain.

and below is my nightmare, enjoy:

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