Kyle Miller Assignment 5 Green Lakes

Kyle Miller Assignment 5 Green Lakes

For my individual 360 video project I decided to go to Green Lakes.  I watched a few NY Times videos that focused on exploring nature and I believe Green Lakes is one of the more interesting areas near Syracuse.  I wanted to capture the serene atmosphere and almost give it a therapeutic feeling.  When it is warm enough I have gone here when I'm feeling stressed with work, so I thought it be cool to make a video that transported me there whenever I wanted.

After I finished shooting I did realize there were some problems with my project.  For one I could have used a nadir patch, because you can clearly see me under the tripod.  I also realized that the camera was facing the incorrect way so when shots started it was facing the opposite way I intended.  I'd like to go back to my project file and add a nadir patch, while also trying to figure out how to change the direction of where my film would start.

Also seeing other classmates videos, I realized it would have been a little more interesting to add a interview with someone there.



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