Independent Learning : Osung

Independent Learning : Osung

For unity assignments and the final project, I took two unity courses in The first one is Unity 5: 3D Essential Training. The most practical lessons I earned from the course are the notion of meshes and the sound setting. What I meant by the sound setting is the spatial sound which is sensitive the location of the source and the listener. As I wrote in the post of Assignment 5, through this course, I could find the reason for unavailability of the spatial sound in a Unity scene.

The other course also provided many handy tips for the final project. This class taught me that various mashes often consist an object in Unity. My final project is building a 3D scene which represents a real-life place. The most challenging part of the project is creating models of the actual structures which can't be accomplished with the techniques of importing ready-made assets. If I can parse an asset to its components, I can possess various kinds of building blocks to build a new structure. That's what I do with the final project-Panmunjom, one of the last vestiges of the Cold War. All the buildings in the scene-the house of freedom, guard posts, Panmungak- are built by joining other assets' components.

I found the other course,  Unity 2017: Architectural Visualization with the same concern of building new architectures. Although the class did not contain the exact knowledge, I seek, but it was full of practical tips. For example, I learned that Unity provides a function that limits the possible height of the terrain in raising the level. The advice was handy to build Panmunkak or a guard post which located on hills. Using the tip, I could flatten the high ground.

The other useful idea which I learned in class in revisited in the Architectural Visualization course is that I can change the colors of assets by editing the texture image files with image tools such as Photoshop. Combining parsed meshes with the color changing ability, I could build plausible imitations of the real buildings. I also used the knowledge of texture to change a panel in asset store to show the actual image of the scene in 3D world to compare conveniently.



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