Final Project – Young Woo Koh

Final Project – Young Woo Koh

For the final project, I initially planned to film a video explaining various features of car, but I could not go with that plan due to the fact that the 360 camera did not have resolution good enough to show the details of the car.  Thus, I came out with alternative plan that did not require high resolution.

As I headed back to my home country, South Korea, relatively earlier than I usually did, I had time to travel around and film a 360 video.  So I decided to film a short video about one of the famous bridges in city called Busan.  The name of the Bridge is Gwangan Bridge, and it is a 4.6mile bridge with two levels that was built for resolving traffic jam in city of Busan.

As I still liked the first plan of filming video inside of the car, I decided to take a 360 camera into the car and film the video of driving on the bridge so that the viewers of video can actually see how it is like to drive on that bridge.  I first tried filming during the day time, but it was difficult to see the bridge in the video due to the sunlight.  Thus, I filmed the video mostly in the night time.

The video begins with the hotel room that has a view of Gwangan Bridge directly through the windows.  Then it goes on with me driving car on that bridge.  The time changes from day time to night time continuously in the video to show both views simultaneously.

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