Assignment 8 – Katie Conti

Assignment 8 – Katie Conti

Assignment 8 - By Katie Conti

Here is my Trnio scan of my Red Rainboot... and a lot of carpet. It's been uploaded to Sketchfab.

I seriously struggled with the Trnio App. Both its post-capture upload/render and crop function were challenging. The upload/render process took me forever and often could not even completely re-load. I had to redo my scan 6 times, and it still did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The preview function had similar loading issues, which I think may have been due to the high-hi-res photos captured by the camera on my iPhone X. I honestly could not get the crop feature to work at all - hence, the large amount of carpet floor that surrounds my 3d (warped) boot.

I also tried to do a scan of the same pair of boots using the HP sprout, also uploaded to Sketchfab. My issues here came not necessarily from the quality of the model, but in the challenges of getting the high quality textures that were captured to stay on the model / transfer into Sketchfab. I'm hoping this is a quick easy fix and I can re-upload after consulting Professor Pacheco.

This technology is fascinating, and I like how seemingly easy it is to make the models, as rough as they are. There are certainly come frustrating & not-quite-there-yet components, however, and I'd love to learn more tips on how to get a better quality finished product.

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