Assignment 6: Medieval Village

Assignment 6: Medieval Village


For this assignment, I decided to create a simple scene using an asset package that had a medieval theme. I added a few little villages to the scene and created paths between each village. To add to the scenery, I made a few mountains that surrounded the villages and also added a lake area. I didn't have too much trouble creating this scene, as our time in class using Unity was very helpful and I have used Unity a few times before on my own.

The only problem I would say that I had was attaching the audio to the first person character so that you could here when it was walking or jumping. The audio was already inside the asset package for the character, however it wasn't working several times when I put the scene in play mode. Finally, I deleted the first person character from the scene itself and then added it back and it finally worked.

I'm definitely excited to create more scenes with Unity and make something more detailed and entertaining. I think a sci-fi kind of world would be really cool, maybe a futuristic world where there was a war going on between humans and a creature from another planet.

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