Assignment 4 Desiderio

Assignment 4 Desiderio

I created a small farm town in Unity with many different types of houses and farm animals.  Everything seems normal until you look up and see a cow being taken by a UFO!  It was a fun small scene to make and learn the ropes of Unity, but I definitely have a few ideas of some different ways I could have expanded the scene’s scale.  While I was able to eventually get the sound to work, I wasn’t able to record it on QuickTime.  Overall, it was great to play around and choose the exact positioning and textures of all the assets that I wanted in my scene.  There was a ton opportunities to let my creativity really shine, so I can see why this software is so popular with game developers.

If I was to expand this scene more, I would probably start with adding more detail for the scene.  Since I was trying to make a small farm town, I’d look for fences, barns and other various farm tool assets.  Additionally, I’d see if I could find a terrain or texture tool that would transform certain parts of the ground to look like a field of wheat or grain, further adding to the rural countryside feel.  I could also use the terrain tools to draw little crop circles around the town (maybe this wasn’t an isolated event!).  I would also love to include some type of user interactivity in the scene.  For example, a user could enter different farmhouses and learn more about the family who lives there and the animals that are inhabiting their farm.  Each house would have unique characteristics and assets, such as the mayor of the town owning the largest house, or one family that is chronically a mess.  Overall, I had a lot of fun playing around in Unity and I’m looking forward to more practice in the coming weeks.



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