Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch by Qian Zhu

Assignment 2: 360 Video Pitch by Qian Zhu

A Normal Friday Night in My Apartment



403 Small Road, University Villiage



  • Cooking in front of the stoves
  • My roommates and I eating around table
  • My roommates and I drinking tea in the living room
  • My roommates and I playing uno in the living room



Indoor lighting



I am going to just record audio with the video. I will also add some light music in the complete version.



As a very simple student in SU, I don't have much stories to share. However, I think the Friday dinner party is very cool to me. We have kept doing this for a whole year since my roommates and I first met. It's really fun experience and I want to share it to others.


Story Discovery

There is no protagonist in my story because it is a story of many people having fun. However, I could be a protagonist when I am doing cooking. In the group activities, the camera would be in the center of the round table so that everyone's face can be seen.


Where is my Head?

In the part of cooking, the viewer would be my point of view. In the part of group activity, the viewer would be on one side of the sofa or in the middle of people, pretending to be a part of us.



Our house should be safe, and there is no danger shooting these. I only need to be careful not to drop the GoPro from my head into the pot when cooking.

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