Unity Assignment – Kyle Miller

Unity Assignment – Kyle Miller

Prior to this assignment I had never used or heard of Unity in my life.  Always entering a new editing software is difficult and especially when it has to do with creating 3D environments.  Following basic guidelines was simple, but I can see where things may get tedious.  For my assignment, I first set out to basically make the North Pole and have santa and elves.  As I laid out my snowy terrain I quickly realized there were no free character assets for that, so I basically turned my project into a strange alien farm/village.  My project shows these strange ice people who inhabit a small house and own two monsters that substitute for horses.

As a first project, I am satisfied with what I made but I do realize I have only scratched the surface of what Unity could do.  My environment just contained basic assets, but in the future I could learn how to animate them.  I also could add more details and expand the environment.  This was an interesting assignment, and I look forward to learning more about Playmaker and how I can utilize that in Unity.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEL5VYmMDA4



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