Unity – 1st Attempt

Unity – 1st Attempt


This project has been the one to challenge me the most. While thrilling to create world, the learning curve was frsutrating to deal with. My problem, no one else's.

Main challenges:
Lighting. I was constantly in shadow for no reason that I could discern.
Terrain smoothing. I got ambitious and tried to create terraced ramps up the side of mountain. It's even hard to explain, let alone do. Practice helped, though.
Bridge-building. I got some cool thord party installs, but they would not support my "weight." I even tried augmenting the with some kind of collision filter, but to no avail.

Appearance. I like how the world looks! It came together rather beautifully.
Audio. I though this would be difficult, but the process was pretty logical once I got the basics.
Fun. I had a lot of fun doing it. It was an exercise in art; I would have spent twice as much time on this if I wanted it to be perfect. In the words of the bard, art is never finished, only abandoned.

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