Moore Final Project

Moore Final Project

For my final project I decided to work with the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center, a museum/home of a suffragette and abolitionist, to create an interactive audio tour type scene. I used photogrammetry to create objects from the museum and place them in this scene. I originally wanted to recreate speeches from the Seneca Falls convention and pair that with the footage I took from the Women's March at the beginning of the semester but am happy I was able to learn photogrammetry instead and apply it to this scene. The one thing about this assignment I hope to fix however are the photogrammetry exports. The objects look awesome on ReMake, I was so excited to have gotten it to really work and even be able to read all the text that was in on the objects but when I exported the objects and put them into Unity they come out looking like they were melted. I think this may be because I was using the free student version of ReMake but I'm not sure how to go about improving this.


Here is also the 360 video from the Women's March as an extra bit to this assignment. I would have liked to put it into the unity scene, attaching it to the clock I constructed but I think it works nicely as a stand alone piece that continues the story of the Women's Rights Movement in the CNY area.

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