Marisa Joachim Final Project – Epcot Center

Marisa Joachim Final Project – Epcot Center

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This final project was incredibly enjoyable. I was able to make a fun, intricate scene come to life: Epcot Center. I had this idea to portray Epcot when my original idea of Magic Kingdom became too difficult to develop with limited free assets. Therefore, I decided to come up with my version of Epcot, Around the World.

I decided to pick five of the nine countries in Epcot that are truly landmarks on Earth- the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Italy, and China. These five places were so fun to come to life, and were fun to dive into their culture.

I was able to create characters through Fuse, and animate them via Mixamo. Each character had a different activity, which pertained to the country. I also added various audio sources to the buildings when the character moved toward it in the scene.

The trouble arose when I inputed the downloadable Asset file from the drive. This replica duplicated a majority of the Standard Assets. The code behind it was confused on which folder I was talking about. I then received all these compliance errors:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.36.41 PM

Unfortunately, I was unable to export the package and build it properly because of the aforementioned compliance errors. Hence, I added a video of what is able to be seen. Even though I am unable to enter game mode until these compliance errors are fixed, I attempted to act as a First Person Controller in my own game!

I also attempted to fix said compliance errors. I researched the blogs and Internet for a way to alleviate the issue. I also worked on Mono-Develop-Unity. Nothing amended the issue. The frustration only built and built. I was terrified I would lose the month's work of work I did, the 200+ flowers I meticulously placed.

I am looking forward to finding a way to fix these issues, but for now here is my final project. Hopefully, soon it will be VR eligible, and everyone can enjoy the Wonderful World of Disney!

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