ASSIGNMENT #4-Jack Clarendon

ASSIGNMENT #4-Jack Clarendon

To create my VR world using Unity, I followed the instructions as outline in the class notes and everything worked. I had a little difficulty with the audio. I couldn't figure out how to get the audio to not be heard through out the entire map. I attempted to download various Unity skyboxes and free 3d Objects but often they would not appear in my inventory of options to add to my scene even though I had clearly downloaded these items. It was very frustrating. I had some difficulty navigating my camera view as I built my scene but eventually I figured it out. I still haven't figured out how to create interactivity within my scene. Next week Im sure I will learn.

There are so many stories that could be set up in a Unity Scene. You are only limited by your imagination. You could create a horror story, a tutorial, a walk through of a history museum, a training video. The Unity scene is your oyster. In my scene specifically, I think I could set up a horror story with a search and find element to it. This would force the user to navigate the map. The user would move through the scene interacting with objects that reveal information as to where to explore next. Out of the user's ability to discover information and solve riddles, a story would emerge as to the user's purpose in the scene. Information the user discovers in one scene leads them to the next scene and so forth till they get to the end of the story line and solve a mystery.  A lot like the classic game Myst, which was a puzzle game, that required the user to follow clues in their environment to advance from scene to scene.

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