Independent Study – Nan Sun

Independent Study – Nan Sun

Since I came from school of software engineering, I have already learned some programming languages except C#. Therefore, I decided to choose advanced Unity 3D game programming class on as my independent study.

With my CS background, the grammar is easy to understand for me. I have tried several functions introduced in the video and most of the time, it worked really well. I just felt regretful that I did not choose Unity as my final project, otherwise I could have use what I have learned in the project.

The procedure of creating script is super easy, we can either right click in the blank and choose “Create -> C# Script” in the menu or we can also create a new C# file(.cs) in our own computer. We need to drag the file into the assets folder as long as we have finished the editing work and compiled the code successfully. The last thing we need to do is to drag the script on the object that we have created before so that the object will work following your script.

The difficulty for advanced programming here is the unknown libraries. There are so many built in classes and functions. As seeing in the screenshot, the script is inside the update function which is called up once per frame. We create an object of Vector3 and y ordinate is increased by 05f. But we can also use a another parameter from Time object to control the delta time. For the visual, both of the scripts could make the object move in the scene along y-axis because the increment is added on y ordinate. But when I went over to the rotation and scale transforming, I had to spend lots of time to try the effect of each function.

Anyway, the script is really convenient and useful. With these scripts, we can easily control the behaviors of large amount of objects. For those large scale of Unity scenes, it will make me crazy if I have to add the effect to all the objects by myself. Besides, if I need to change the effect, I have to revise the objects one by one.  But what we need to do is to change the parameter in the script so that all the objects who use this script will change their behaviors automatically, which save lots of time. Thus, I really enjoy this class and I would like to try more functions in the future

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