Group presentation – Samarth Sharma and Jack Clarendon

Group presentation – Samarth Sharma and Jack Clarendon

Virtual reality is one of the biggest empathy machines in the world right now. This is the reason we chose United Nations Virtual Reality as our subject of study for this presentation. United Nations aims to educate people and raise awareness on various issues surrounding human rights, equality, health and security around the world. They raise money through sharing such stories and statistics with donors, philanthropists, lobbyists, politician and motivate them to feel for specific causes and provide financial and other resources.

Virtual reality is a boon to such an organization and it is interesting to see how the United Nations uses this technology to achieve their organizational goals. The visual storytelling medium is more impactful then providing just statistics that may be alarming but are boring sometimes. Statistics can only go so far but an immersive storytelling experience is shakes people out of apathy. Giving potential donors a peek into the life of victims of violence, famines, poverty other such calamities is a life altering experience for some and has statistically shown to enhance the commitment to donate by a considerable amount. There is more donor retention and higher direct involvement.




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