Final Project: Gabriel Acosta

Final Project: Gabriel Acosta

The goal of my project was to make a cooking show for beginners that made them feel at home and comfortable with the kitchen. The result was a 12 minute cooking show titled Cooking From All Angles.


The first step in the process was thinking about how to give the viewer the right angles that give you that feeling of being next to someone without boring the audience. The experience was deliberately slow pace because we didn't want to glance over anything to ensure beginner cooks are comfortable. In addition to that I wanted to take advantage of the 360 space. I decided to fill the empty space with fun facts and the recipe so that if they ever felt lost they could look back and find out where they were. In addition, I had the host move around on screen so that the audience had places to look. I also did some test shooting to make sure that the shots looked good. I however made a mistake day of because I tilted the head of the 360 camera.

These choices were made deliberately after watching some other regular cooking shows that made me feel both lost at times and just feeling uneasy about whether or not I could do the thing that they were tasked in doing. I also researched other attempts at making food videos in 360 and all of them fell flat as they expected the audience to look from a high vantage point down. They all felt very distant and didn't take advantage of 360 videos at all.

I was extremely happy with the result of the show up until it was time to export. I wanted the show to look as professional as possible and utilize every advantage that 360 had. I packed the experience with little things to give that feeling and make it an experience that utilized the medium. When I tried to export at full quality the computer couldn't handle so I had to downgrade to a lower resolution.

With more time I think with some more practice, I think a format could be developed for beginner cooking shows. As it really feels as if somebody is right next to you throughout the experience, a good instructional tool.

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