Cool programs/ websites for 3D animation

Here are some cool programs/ websites/ tutorials/ books I have used ~ Caitlin 3D modeling (programs): - Zbrush (can get it free -- best for organic models) - Maya (can get a free student account -- best for inorganic models) - Source Filmmaker (lots of models you can animate for fun -- good practice) Texturing (programs): - Maya (can get a free student account) - Mudbox (can get a free student account -- goes along w/ Maya) - Quixel Suite ($50 for student version) - Photoshop (use with your UV...

First Game Tutorials

For anyone who hasn't yet, I'd recommend watching these videos about making your first game. Not everyone will be making games, but anything built in Unity requires some of the principles that these videos talk about, and I hope that people will be able to find some use from them.  They're only about 5 minutes each. How To Start Your Game Development Setting (and Keeping) Production Goals How to Scope Small and Start Right