Assignment4 – Young Woo Koh

Assignment4 – Young Woo Koh

In my scene of Unity, I tried to create a scene of the racing game interface. The scene is a “garage” for the racing game that shows the cars that the user has for playing game; the user can acquire more cars based on his or her achievements in the game. I tried to highlight the car that is chosen by making that car looks like it is ignited on, by turning headlights on and adding engine sound on it. I tried to make the engine sound, “fade away” as the user walks away from the car, but it did not work. Thus, my question will be how to resolve this problem.


As the area in the scene that the user could move around is much bigger and wider than I thought, I think what I could do for making this scene more cool is to make the game online. What I need to do is just create similar formation (Houses with cars lined up in front of it) for other users; the user could also see other users’ garages with cars they have by moving around in the scene.


Also, since it is a racing game, I think I could add a car modification center, gas station, and repair center in the game, making the user able to manage their cars. Moreover, if the space allows, I could also make the actual racetrack for the game to illustrate how it is like to drive a car in the interface. It will be great to have interface for user to actually get in and out of the car, and driving it.

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