Assignment 8: Playmaker

Assignment 8: Playmaker

Focus: Build an interactive scene using Playmaker.

Requirements: Make sure your scene does the following at minimum:

  • Trigger an animation to play when you approach an object.
  • Trigger another animation when you leave an object.
  • Trigger a unique sound for both events.

For extra credit, do any or all of the following:

  • Use one object to trigger actions on another.
  • Make one object move between at least two points.
  • Loop the event so that it happens repeatedly when the trigger is initiated again.

How to Turn it In: Create a screencast of your scene in Unity that shows the interactivity with the Playmaker window open so that it's clear that the logic is set up correctly. Post this to YouTube and embed the YouTube video in a class blog entry.

Due: Tuesday, April 11, midnight

BONUS for 5 points extra credit, animate yourself or a character from Mixamo and put it in your scene!

I'm the lead professor for the VR Storytelling class and the Chair of Journalism Innovation at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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