Assignment #2 -Jack Clarendon

Assignment #2 -Jack Clarendon

Group: Jack Clarendon and Samarth Sharma




The scene will be an ice hockey practice for the Syracuse University men’s hockey match. It will take place at Tennity Ice Skating Pavillion. An indoor Ice Hockey Rink at Syracuse University. Samarth and I, will set up the VR camera first in the stadium seats closest to the rink, to give the viewer a good sense of the ice hockey rink venue. The viewer will be able to see the mens Syracuse University hockey players enter the ice hockey rink and start warming up. Once the ice Hockey practice is under way, Samarth and I will move the VR camera to the center of the Ice Hockey rink. The camera will be placed in the center of the ice rink, at the height of an average human being. A height between 5’4” and 5’10”. The viewer will be able to see the ice hockey players skating past the camera. The viewers will be able to follow the hockey puck around the ice as it travels from one hockey player to the next. The camera will remain stationary while the ice hockey players conduct their practice around the camera. As a result, there will be lots movement close to and far from the camera. The Hockey players will start out passing the puck around, taking practice shots at the goal. Then Samarth and I will take turns playing the role of goalie and shot taker. The viewer will be able to see hockey players trying to score goals against the goalie. This will encourage the viewer to look around, trying to follow the puck as it travels from hockey player to hockey player and is shot at the goalie.




The lighting will be indoors.




Ambient Audio will be recorded separately in stereo mode using the Tascam audio recorders.




I hope to give the viewer the experience of being at the center of a hockey practice. To see what it is like to spend a day in the life of a Syracuse University Hockey player. Being able to place the viewer in the center of all the action on the ice rink, during a hockey practice makes this a compelling experience. I think it is an experience everyone should have because I don’t know too many people who have had the chance to experience a college level hockey practice/game in the middle of the ice rink. Usually people experience hockey and most sporting events on the sidelines. To experience the place and time of a hockey practice will make the viewer excited and challenged. Excited to be placed in the center of a hockey practice but also challenged to keep their eye on puck and follow the action. The only reason anyone might want to avoid this particular type of experience is if looking around a lot in VR makes the feel motion sickness.


Story Discovery


The subject of the story the Syracuse University Hockey players. The subject is trying to get better at hockey and score goals against a goalie. The movement of the puck and the hockey players chasing the puck will serve as Audio visual anchors to direct the viewers’ attention towards the most important aspects of the story as it emerges. I think it is important for viewers to have this experience because it is fun and exciting and lets them experience a sporting even as if they are in the middle of it. Most people experience sporting events on the sidelines. This will allow the viewer to understand more about what goes in to a hockey practice and what it is like to be in the middle of a sporting event as it is happening. The only non-athletes who have access to this kind of experience are sports referees.


Where is my Head?


The best place to put someone in this particular place, in order to have the most impactful experience for the story is at the center of the ice rink. The viewer should feel like they are standing in the center of the rink as if they are a referee watching the action. The 360 rig will be place in the center of the ice rink 5’4 to 5’10 above the ice and will be secured by a tripod.

Samarth and I will be participating in the scene as goalie and shot taker.




Samarth and I will not be hiding from the camera, so we will be present to stop anyone who tries to steal the camera. I don’t think the camera will be considered suspicious because it will be used in a highly controlled environment where everyone present will understand what it is and why it is there.

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